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Controller brochure

Download the brochure for the Controller here. Detailing the features the Controller can provide to you.


Journal brochure

Download the brochure for the Journal here. Providing detailed information on the possibilities with the Journal and how it can give you an edge.


Product Features

Control your devices

Control up to 6 devices based on a user defined set of rules on the Controller. These rules make decisions based on temperature, humidity and the state of other devices to keep your desired behaviourautomatically.

Schedules and reminders

Configure watering and nutrient schedules for a grow journal and get reminded on your mobile application when scheduled entries have triggered and need to be performed.

Cloud Storage

All information is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet. The Controller connects through your WiFi hotspot at home or work to become an IoT device.


See all your latest information for a Journal on an informative dashboard which can be exported for local storage and shared between friends. The Controller's information uploads straight into your journal for a single location for all your information.

Image Capturing

The Controller comes with an auto-focusing HD camera for scheduled and on demand image capturing. As part of the profile configuration for the Controller, scheduled image capturing can be configured for easy hands-free auditing and logging of visual information. All images captured by the controller will be uploaded to the cloud and stored as part of the journal. These details will be available for easy investigation.

Temperature and Humidity sensor for reactive behaviour

The Controller comes with a highly accurate Bosch temperature and humidity sensor. Connecting the sensor to the Controller allows the Controller to sample regularly and to provide information for profiles to react to environmental changes in almost real time. Profiles can be configured to activate/deactivate devices based on these sensor values in conjunction with other parameters to react to changing environmental conditions. This allows the Controller to be reactive without any human interaction.



R0 /month

  • One active Free Grow Journal
  • One historical Journal kept for reference
  • Access to mobile application
  • Limited image uploads
  • Limited journal bookmarks
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Frequently Asked Questions

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is a proudly South African technology company. Aimed at providing solutions to people for their IoT needs in controlling devices and to provide a simple and easy journaling system to house data for quick and easy reference and investigation from the cloud.

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