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          Privacy notice

          Privacy Policy


          “Sash” respects the privacy of all users of the website.


          The goal of this privacy policy is to protect the information of all our users and therefore each time you log on to our website you agree to be bound by the existing Privacy Policy as contained on the website.


          We reserve the right, at our discretion, to update, amend and/or revise our Privacy Policy without notice. Please check for changes.


          It will be your responsibility to check for changes and you agree that changes to the privacy policy at any time will not be a valid defence or ground for action in any litigation between you and us.


          Your information will be used to identify you and for billing, marketing (for example to inform of specials) and information (for example sending you our newsletters) purposes.


          If you do not want to receive such information kindly inform us via email by clicking on the “Contact Us” icon.


          When purchasing our products via our website you agree that your personal information be transmitted to third parties in order to facilitate the successful conclusion of the sale agreement, for example delivery purposes.


          Your information remains yours and “Sash” will not divulge it to any third party, except as described herein. “Sash” undertakes not to sell your information to any third parties.


          Information and data are automatically collected through the standard operation of the internet servers and this website may use “Cookies” and “Tracking” technology.  “Cookies” and “Tracking technology” cannot be used to obtain your personal information. “Cookies” can be used to recognize repeat users and facilitate the user’s access to the website.  You can disable the “Cookies” function but may then not be able to purchase “Sash” products via the website.

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